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Wanda Makes a Fashionable Debut!

The Wanda ShopHi Everyone,

For the last several years many of my Wanda fans and Distributors have asked me how they can order some of my cool Wanda t-shirts to show off their Wanda pride, or to promote my Wanda brand to their customers.

Well, I’m very happy to announce that beginning October 1st my newly designed online merchandise store, The Wanda Shop, will be open for business to Distributors and fans alike, where you can “shop ‘till you drop” by simply going to www.thewandashop.com. The Wanda Shop features a variety of great looking apparel and accessory items including jackets, shirts, hats and other gear—all branded with my Wanda logo!

You can also find links to access The Wanda Shop through my web and mobiles sites at wandarefinish.us. Be sure to visit the store often to check out new products being introduced and to take advantage of special seasonal discounts.

The Wanda Shop is just one more example of how my team is working hard to help make your Wanda experience the best it can be!

For more information about Wanda and Wanda Waterbase products, or to find out about upcoming events and more, visit www.wandarefinish.us. Or visit my Facebook page for quick updates at www.facebook.com/wandarefinish.

Until then,