Color Tools

Wanda offers a complete range of up-to-date prime and variant colors to match the wide variety of today’s vehicles. Precise color selection is made easy with Wanda color documentation tools — ColorPro, Colormap Fan Decks and Variant Color Decks. New colors are developed as they come out from the car manufacturers and each tool works to help you define the color you need, so you are never left guessing.


ColorPro logo

ColorPro is an advanced color retrieval system specifically developed for jobber stores and body shops. With it, you not only have the right color, but also have a number of tools that make your daily routine much more practical. With ColorPro, get the accurate formulas and information every time. New colors are developed as they come out from the car makers and are updated monthly by internet.

ColorPro updates are now available online! Once you have the program installed and are connected to web, ColorPro automatically searches for any new color formulas to update your system. Once you’ve downloaded the colors, your ColorPro is up-to-date!

Toner Chart

Toner charts are the essential tools in all mixing rooms for any color adjustments. The charts signify the direction of the Wanda colors. Available in both Wandabase and Wanda PU systems, the charts are a quick guide for simple and correct use of our documentation of colors in different situations.