What is the value segment?

The value segment is a price conscious segment of the auto refinish market. This segment represents shops looking for good quality products, with good color match, at a lower price point, but doesn’t require extensive warranty, product support or value added services.

What is the background of the Wanda brand?
Where does the name come from?

The Wanda brand originates from Brazil and was invented in 1934 by Dr Roque Montezano. The brand was named after his daughter “Wanda” born the same year. The product offer was developed to perform in the trade or value segment and has gained a strong reputation for the leading brand in these segments for South, Central, Latin America and the Caribbean. The brand was purchased by Akzo Nobel coatings in 1974 where it was exposed to extensive R&D, color development and technology improvements and is now established as a global brand.

What makes Wanda a complete and compliant refinish system?

It has a complete and fully supported color offer including both basecoat and single stage systems. Wanda’s assortment of complimentary ancillary products was developed specifically for the value segment and meets all regulatory requirements for those markets.

What kind of color documentation is available?

Wanda has great color documentation including variant color sets, Colormaps and ColorPro. Variant color sets contain the original standard colors and the color variants which provide an accurate tool for color matching. Colormaps are a practical visual reference guide covering a broad spectrum of colors. Colormaps can be used to select a color, color combination or to identify a color when no reference is available.

What is ColorPro?

ColorPro is a user-friendly, easy to reference formula retrieval system which includes up-to-date worldwide color formulas specifically developed for jobber stores and body shops. With it, you not only have the right color, but also have a number of tools that make your daily routine much more practical. New colors are continuously updated online.

How can I buy Wanda?

There a few different ways to buy Wanda. Check out “How to Buy”.