Live “Wanda” Brand Representative Interacts with Fans on Facebook and Twitter!

Wanda with WB Paint Can Photo SM 5.2011 (1)Hi Everyone,

We’ve been busier than ever since we announced the launch of the new Wanda Waterbase basecoat system! Enthusiasm is building as requests from painters, body shops and car enthusiasts keep streaming in for more information about the Low VOC waterborne products. As a result, I’ve decided that the fastest way to keep you up-to-date is to answer your questions through live interaction on Twitter and Facebook.

Whether it’s information you need about individual Wanda Waterbase or Wanda traditional solvent-based products, tips for best performance results, how to use our ColorPro system for unbelievable color accuracy, or when I’ll be appearing at a Wanda training session near you―simply post a note to my Facebook Wall, or send me a Tweet.

I’ll also be in touch soon to announce some exciting summer events and activities we have planned. So if you haven’t already, be sure to get connected on my Wanda Facebook and Twitter accounts today!

And remember – you can always find great information about the Wanda brand products! Be sure to check out my new live-animation video on the Wanda homepage.

Until next time,




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