Distributor Spotlights – Len Crawford, Dale’s Paint Supply

Car refinish veteran, Len Crawford, has seen and heard it all. After all, he’s been selling a variety of well-known competitive car refinish brands for 37 years, so he isn’t easily “wowed” by typical brand performance claims. That is, until he strolled through a trade show two years ago and landed at the Wanda brand exhibit.

“I must have stood there talking to the Wanda representative for 45 minutes or more,” says Crawford. I was definitely curious about AkzoNobel’s value-priced product brand. I admit I was impressed by what I heard. Now there was only one thing to do, place an order and see how the products really perform in the field.”

Crawford took ownership of Dale’s Paint Supply of Colorado Springs, CO, 25 years ago growing the business to more than $1 million in walk-in sales each year. The business occupies 7,000 square-feet of retail and warehouse space with 65% of their sales in car refinishes, and 35% in architectural and light industrial paint products. Shortly after returning from the trade show, Crawford handed a quart of Wanda paint to one of his “regulars” and asked him to try it out. To his surprise, the painter came back the same week with rave reviews about the product’s ease-of-use and color matching capabilities. After that, word spread quickly and the products seemed to fly off the shelves ever since.

“It’s pretty rare to see products that actually exceed their performance claims,” said Crawford. “I’m sold and so are my customers. My Wanda sales have topped $250,000 last year.”  Dale’s Paint Supply hosted a successful “Evening with Wanda” event in September, 2010, to generate greater brand awareness and to educate customers on Wanda’s many cost and performance benefits.

To speak with Len Crawford about his experiences in the industry or with Wanda brand products, call 719-636-2635, or email him at Len5886@msn.com.

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